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Jewels of life

Inspired by the world, ZAG jewelry is worn like a second skin and accompany us through
time and trends. Its jewels accumulate and mix, all combinations are allowed as they adorn us,
making us beautiful from morning to evening. Opt for the delicacy of our jewels, either
entirely in stainless steel or set with semi-precious stones for an elegant touch.

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mother of pearl jewel

Stone of the Month: Mother of Pearl

The formation of the mother-of-pearl remains mysterious, it covers crustaceans and shells and shines with reflections of both intense white and subtly multicolored. The word mother-of-pearl comes from the Arabic “naqqarah”. The populations of the Persian Gulf, traditionally fished pearl oysters which enclosed in their entrails the most beautiful white pearls.
These pearls were sold to princes and wealthy notables and the mother-of-pearl that covered the inner surface of oysters or other shells was used as precious inlaid decoration or became delicate jewelry.
Crushed into powder, it heals wounds and accelerates healing. The delicacy of its reflections allows our creator to create jewels full of finesse . It is very present in our collections and mixes with delight with all the other stones and brilliant zirconiums.
A mother-of-pearl jewel is a refined gift to express your love, perfect to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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