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Jewels of life

Inspired by the world, ZAG jewelry is worn like a second skin and accompany us through
time and trends. Its jewels accumulate and mix, all combinations are allowed as they adorn us,
making us beautiful from morning to evening. Opt for the delicacy of our jewels, either
entirely in stainless steel or set with semi-precious stones for an elegant touch.

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La Malachite

Stone of the month: Malachite

We find the stone of malachite in the Antiquity or this one was used in decoration in the realization of marquetries of stone. The tsars of Russia were crazy about it and one can admire the columns of the cathedral of Saint Petersburg covered with malachite!

Just like lapis lazuli, the pigments became paintings for illuminating precious books.

Its protective virtues have been recognized for centuries and it is said that malachite strengthens self-confidence and increases our power of persuasion. Balancing the heart chakras, it harmonizes our intimate relationships. At Zag our creator is totally fascinated by its thousand shades of green. Like a landscape seen from the sky, we can imagine in its smallest details a sinuous river or a vegetal earth. It blends marvelously with tiger’s eye in shades of deep brown and brings a touch of color in the evening, mixed with black onyx in a more mysterious look. On all our jewels, the malachite cabochons are all different, so we may prefer a more plain or more contrasted stone. The diversity of the stone makes each piece unique and allows you to wear it as a protective talisman and the assurance of a piece of jewelry created to measure for you!

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