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Jewels of life

Inspired by the world, ZAG jewelry is worn like a second skin and accompany us through
time and trends. Its jewels accumulate and mix, all combinations are allowed as they adorn us,
making us beautiful from morning to evening. Opt for the delicacy of our jewels, either
entirely in stainless steel or set with semi-precious stones for an elegant touch.

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African turquoise

Stone of the Month: African Turquoise

The African turquoise is a variety of Jasper whose blue is speckled by brown or black veins. Extracted from the mines of South Africa, it is carved easily in order to be the object of the most beautiful ornaments.
Often confused with the Turquoise of which it partially bears the name, the African turquoise is known for its soothing virtues. It is the stone of the positivism but also balance. This one allows those who wear it to realign their energies but also to open their heart chakra. Our creator uses the African turquoise for many years as one of the stones of predilection. of its collections. On rings in large cabochons or threaded in a row of stones, African turquoise mixes with most of the other gemstones of the world. our collections and is worn as elegantly in summer as in winter. We find it again also a lot in our jewelry collections for men.

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