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Summer is coming soon and it’s time to reveal those ankles… At Zag, it’s an indispensable beach accessory. It’s fascinating to discover the history of the famous ankle bracelet, an item that wasn’t born yesterday despite what one might think…  


Ankle bracelets are descendants of Indian ornaments. Worn barefoot, they have long been key accessories for Indian women of all backgrounds. More or less exquisite, with precious stones or simply beautiful shells, these are traditionally worn under a shimmering sari. Sometimes, they also have small bells that ring against the ankle, creating a delicate noise that punctuates traditional dances.

 They are also found in some traditions of ancient China, worn by children as protective talismans against evil spirits. 

In South Asia, ankle bracelets take us to Rajasthan where they are markers of belonging to a tribal community. Women wear them with traditional garments often as a symbol of courage in the face of other tribes. In West Africa, ankle bracelets are thick and engraved with graphic designs or designs that depict animals of the savannah.

But let us focus on our main subject, an ornament for modern tribes.

At Zag, our creative director, Michelle, loves considering them as fun objects.

They come in shell, plain steel, gilded with fine gold, with stones or metal pendants on cords, and are as cheerful as they are lovely on a bronzed ankle. A symbol of femininity in the Indian tradition, ankle bracelets are, to us, incredibly sexy. It’s interesting to play with this accessory as one would with other pieces in our collections: one needs to mix and match them. So no need to wear them on both ankles, as it weighs down the silhouette, but try wearing them on one ankle with several rows… 

Ideally, an ankle bracelet is chosen in May and is worn for the whole summer. We don’t sell them on our site because we want to keep them exclusive to our retailers. Choosing an ankle bracelet is not a simple act and we think it necessary to be accompanied, pampered, to try it on before finding the right one. It will accompany you for the whole summer, and experience the best swims and beautiful celebratory evenings with you. The ankle bracelet is a love story that comes to life on sunny days, fades in autumn, before returning in the spring.

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