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Even if you admit that you spend less time checking your watch, it is a pleasure taking the time to admire it and a joy, watching its dials turn. An essential accessory for our daily lives, and a beautiful object to gift or to receive, the classic watch remains timeless.

plaisir bijoux

In a world where we remain focused on screens, from connected objects to watches that barely tell time but calculate heartbeats, steps, messages and emails, a watch with dials remains a must.

  The Zag watch is a classic item and a very elegant fashion accessory. In plain steel or rose gold-plated with fine gold, we have chosen the best materials to make the one and only watch in our collections. A Japanese mechanism and very resistant steel case, simple and flat, it sets itself apart with a fluorescent back dial. 

 Our designer’s idea was to make the perfect watch. A classic and timeless model. A watch you can mix with lots of bracelets, a watch you live in, a watch you go to the beach with.

 A watch for both men and women … Not too ostentatious for men and chic and noticeable for women. 

In plain steel and natural, brown or black leather strap, the Zag watch remains serious, goes to the office, and can be seen peeking out from under the sleeve of a jacket. Paired with small chain bands or a very beautiful gourmette chain, it takes on more sparkle and becomes noticeably more precious. If you choose a version with the Milanese mesh, plain steel or fine gold bracelet, you will be in the spirit of fine jewelry, although the Zag watch, at the beach, is worn loose and goes in water. 

We love it in all its states and for all facets of its personality. This summer we want it in color… Colors that remind us of the stones that our designer loves: Coral and Turquoise. 

The Zag watch with its coral dial is like a candy that shines delicately on a tanned wrist. Mixed with colored stone or shell straps, it is no longer a watch but a fashion accessory. You won’t get bored of it, as the color is there in the summer to loosen up your serious side, and delightful in winter to wear on the edge of a nice sweater! To make the right choice, we have chosen to exclusively sell it at Zag retailers, there to advise you. You will be able to try it in different versions and choose “this” or “that” version that will lastingly live on your wrist. 

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